My Reaction to the Amanda Todd Story

amanda todd

This story has been going around for days now and it has become so viral that I felt the need to say something about it. I first noticed her story being circulated in Facebook and Youtube and I didn’t have the guts to check on it right away since it’s already around 10PM and I gotta admit, her story is a little creepy due to the fact that it has a bone-chilling ending.

I have NOBODY. I need SOMEONE.

These are just a few of the words which she wrote in her flash cards that struck me most. Why? Because I believe that if only she had someone to help her, to console her, battle with her, support her instead of condemning her, then none of this would have happened. It is really saddening to know that a life was lost because of cyber-bullying. Nobody and I mean nobody should experience what Amanda Todd has experienced. Alright, she committed one grave mistake in the past yet people are constantly judging her because of it. It is just so wrong that you begin to question what kind of people are living nowadays. She was in 7th grade when she made that mistake. She was fragile, so innocent, and so gullible that is why she was easily manipulated by some pervert to do what she did. People should understand that instead of bullying her because of it. Then there’s the issue about some people telling her to just die. WTH is wrong with you guys?! C’mon, that is just so sick! You ought to have your heads checked because something is seriously wrong with it. Now, to those people who told her that, if you are reading this, ask yourself how you feel when you heard about the news of her death. Did it make you happy? Tsk. Amanda Todd paved the way for global awareness regarding bullying. Making that video and admitting to the public her personal problems and how she tried to cope with it were never easy on her part. She made her story known because she didn’t want anybody else to have the same fate as hers. She wanted you to fight and win against those bullies. And even though she came to a bitter resolve, I hope everyone will not follow what she did. Taking your life is never your choice. It is only God who can do it. If you feel that the pain of bullying has become too unbearable, then share it. Talk to your parents. Ask help from authorities. Let your voices be heard.


Let’s help save life and make this world bully-free. :) RIP Amanda Todd. You will be forever in our hearts…   *If you guys wanna know what video I was talking about, click here.*


A Letter to the Students

Dear students,

I know you are all wondering why I am writing this letter. It is to make you aware of how lucky you are to be still at school now.

You may be complaining because you have much school work to do, school activities to attend to, boring discussions that you need to sit and listen to everyday, monster-like teachers that you have to deal with and detentions when you’ve committed something awfully wrong in your class.  Yeah, yeah, I know. These are also the things I’ve been complaining about when I was still a student like you.

However, I have come to realize that the world I used to live in when I was still a student was just a fantasy world meant to protect me from all the harsh realities that most adults (I so reluctantly join this group after my college graduation) combat every day. School works turn to paperwork. School activities turn to meetings and conferences. Discussions turn to seminars. Monster-like teachers turn into tyrant bosses. Detentions turn to incident report and a trip to the boss’ office.  The competition you have with your fellow students on who gets to be accepted to what school is nothing compared to the competition we have with our fellow colleagues on who gets to be accepted for a job that only needs 10 people. When you are still a student, the biggest problem you have is how to spend the allowance your mom gave you in such a way that you will still have money for food and transportation before the week ends while the biggest problem we have as adults is how to get the budget for the entire week.

Then you get to worry about the social labeling at school. Who gets to sit in the jocks’ area, cheerleaders’ area, nerds’ area or in the unlabeled area? The “What am I going to do in order to fit in?”; “What am I going to wear so that people will know that I am one of them?”. When you are in school, it’s all about your sense of belongingness- who gets to be with whom? And who gets to join what group. But again, it’s nothing compared to the sense of belongingness we have to find for ourselves as adults because in the adult world, as early as first day of work, we are already categorized as to what school we graduated from and so, if we graduated from the not-so-prestigious school, our sense of belongingness will definitely hit bottom on our first day. Then there’s also the labeling based on seniority. Whoever worked longer for that institution gets to be a member of the most exclusive group which comprises mostly of the following: supervisors, department heads, managers and such.

In school, you have to constantly strive to be in the top 10 list but in the adult world, we work hard in order to get a higher monthly wage. When you get to be in the top 1 list in your class, your fellow classmates will admire you but when we adults are promoted, people will whisper about how we managed it. Is it because we have “connections” on the upper level? Or is it because we bribed our department heads with delicious foods and sweet compliments everyday? Or worst, some even go through the lengths of making up indecent stories about us and our boss that’s why we managed to snag the spot. Talk about the perfect example of crab mentality.

When you are in your fantasy world, you worry about where to go on a Friday night but we who are living in reality, worry about when will we ever get the chance to relive the carefree life that Friday nights offer. Students are making a big deal about cheating boy/girlfriends, traitorous best friend and broken hearts while some of us on the other hand worry because we are already 35 years old and yet still single.

I could go on making comparisons between a student’s life and an adult’s life but hey, I know you already realized by now how lucky you are because you still don’t have to deal with the harsh realities I mentioned above.

I just want you to cherish and enjoy every moment you have as a student. Be with your friends. Talk and laugh until dawn. Play the sport you love most. Join a club. Savor every experience: good or bad and learn from it. Smile at your monster-like teachers. Play a funny prank on someone. Mend your broken heart and move on. Forgive your cheating boy/girlfriend and your traitorous ex-best friend. Get a detention or a suspension. Okay, okay, I was just kidding on the last part. Chill! Just please please hear me out on my last paragraph and put it in mind.

Always remember that your fantasy world prepares you for the real world so be the best you can ever be while you’re still at it. Because chances are, if you do, you’ll most likely succeed in the real world and in everything you do.

Live a carefree but careful student life everyone!

P.S.: Just because I wrote this letter for you guys does not mean that i’m old. So get that stinking thought outta your head.


Hugs and kisses,